instructionI’ve been teaching a number of classes and workshops lately. Pretty much all over the place from Australia to Santa fe, as well as in my own neighborhood here in NYC. It’s such a cool experience to get out of the studio to share and develop painting concepts with students from all over the world. We are all on this journey together from the most novice painter to the greatest technician, everyone brings something new and unique to the table in the form of new questions to be answered. Everyone gains in this collaborative to have the tools to express ourselves as well as fighting our own creative battles. Its an honor to participate in this open discourse on the technical and conceptual methods of picture making.

parallelPALETTE | Vertical Paint Mixing System
Painting a Life | documenting an approach to painting
Drawing Closer to Life | documenting an approach to drawing

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Upcoming Seminars

October 8th-12th
Studio Apprenticeship Intensive!
Art Studio Albuquerque, New Mexico

5 full days in my studio working next to me

-Work in the studio with me on your own current work. We will talk before you get here about what you are going to work on. While you are here, we will talk about our work, ideas, marketing, gallery representation, careers, and so much more. We get to the studio early 9am and leave at 6pm. Limited to only 6 artists. Only 3 spots left Price is 1k USD for the 5 days.
For info email studio@davidkassan.com

Study Online
Anywhere in the world join up at anytime

Monthly Critiques of what you are working on in your studio in either drawing or painting.
For info check out artcritacademy.com

Testimonials for our Art Crit Academy Program.

“My first journey to the course was by exploring all the site, clicking on all the links, reading all the gold mines of information and listening to the previous crits one by one over a number of days. I can see the benefits of learning with others, learning with all its frustrations are lessened when you know your not alone, that there are others who can encourage you and guide your understanding.

The group crits are so valuable that I find I learn from the drawing development of others as much as the direct guidance I receive from my own crit. The wealth of experience and openness from David and Shana are shared freely without a dictatorial construct, they encourage, offer suggestions, and ask questions of you the artist to consider and reflect. What you put in to the course you get back ten fold. The site is filled with a myriad of information that as you develop your way, the information is there to feed your progress.

The community of artists on the site are friendly and supportive without being sycophantic. We are all here to learn and we do so at our own pace. I utilise the site to really reflect back on the direction of my work to see it with fresh eyes and understand ways to develop and grow. The professional guidance is so hard to come by and here it is shared honestly without personal gain. visiting artists, gallery owners etc share there experience and offer there own perspectives and a chance to ask questions direct.

Its real, not a computer programme, you are not learning from a programme of algorithms. The course is set up so you can ask questions on any day, at anytime, world wide by posting in Forums, or ask live during the monthly group crits. some one real will respond.

Learn from those who do and do it well. What ever stage you are at you are not judged, lights of understanding are switched on and doors of new progression are opened.”

Lee Boyd, Northern Ireland

Past Seminars

Pennsylvania Academy of Art
Philadelphia, PA

New York Academy of Art
New York City

Laguna College of Art and Design
Laguna, CA

Royal Hibernian Academy
Dublin, Ireland

JSS Italy Abroad program
Civita Castellana, Italy

Ta Hatahana
Tel Aviv, Israel

Cape Town (Stellenbosch), South Africa

The Art Students League or NY
New York, NY

Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah, GA

Myndlistaskólinn, The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts
Reykjavík, Iceland

La Galeria Roja
Seville, Spain

Craneo Creacion
Seville, Spain

Manifest Drawing Center
Cincinnati OH

University of Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska

Flemish Classical Atelier

Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio
Whidbey Island

Hull Art Academy
Dallas, TX

Off the Map Tattoo, Easthampton, Massachusetts/span>

Art Academy
Adelaide, Australia

Sadie Valeri Atelier
San Francisco, CA

Coppini Academy
San Antonio, TX

Gage Academy of Art
Seattle, WA