Here is a list of some of the materials that i use with links on where to find them.

Materials for…
“Painting a Life | documenting an approach to painting” dvd
“Drawing Closer to Life | documenting an approach to drawing” dvd

Here is a Basic list of my Supplies for my Workshops


parallelPALETTE | Vertical Paint Mixing System

Oil Colors (my current list paints that I use, this is a full list)

Vasari oil colors has pulled together all of the colors of their’s that I use
and have offered them at a discounted price, you can order them here

Vasari Flake White
Corcoran’s Titanium White
Corcoran’s Fake White
Michael Harding Stack Lead White
Vasari Rosebud
Vasari Video Blue Extra Pale
Vasari Rousseau Green Extra Pale
Vasari Brilliant Yellow Light
Holbein Foundation Greenish
Michael Harding Unbleached Titanium
Michael Harding Lamp Black
Michael Harding Ultramarine Blue
Vasari Kings Blue Light
Michael Harding Lapis Lazuli
Vasari Terre Verte Cool
Vasari Cinnabar Green Light
Vasari Ruby Red
Vasari Permanent Bright Red
Michael Harding Brilliant Pink
Cadmium Yellow Orange
Vasari Yellow Ochre
Vasari Raw Sienna
Vasari Capucine Red Light
Burnt Sienna
Vasari Red Umber
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber

Optics (visual list, Pinterest)
Binoculars – Close Focusing Pentax – 62215 – Pentax 62215 6.5 X 21mm Papilio

Drawing Supplies (visual list, Pinterest)
Pencil Sharpener
Grey Drawing Paper – Canford 20.5 X 30.5 Gun Metal Grey
Pan Pastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel, Black
Sofft Knife with 5 Covers, Pointed, No.4
2H Extra Hard Charcoal Pencils, Box of 12
2B Medium Charcoal Pencils Box Of 12
White Charcoal Pencils – Box of 12
Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick (SN64801)
Pencil Lengthener, Regular Beechwood. Finetec
Blending Stumps And Tortillions Set

Brushes (visual list, Pinterest) 
Full Brush Set from Rosemary and Co Brushes
Isabey Brush Series 6227Z Kolinsky Round 2
Raphaël Kevrin Mongoose Brush Filbert 12

Painting Mediums (visual list, Pinterest) 
Corcoran’s CKM Medium – My impasto medium that I developed with Dave Corcoran. 
Winsor & Newton Liquin Original Medium 250ml (3239751)
M. Graham 4-Ounce Walnut/Alkyd Medium
W&N Liquin Oleopasto Alkyd Medium 200Ml

Surface and Surface Preparation (visual list, Pinterest) 
Dibond Panel – Â Aluminum Sign Board, Black, 18″ W x 24″ L, 0.125″ Thick
Loew Cornell 841 20-Piece Foam Brush Set, 2-Inch
Liquitex Professional Neutral Gray Gesso Surface Prep Medium, 8-oz
Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 2.5 Ounce
Soft ‘n Style Clear Spray Bottle / 16 oz. (8031)

Painting Cleaning Supplies (visual list, Pinterest) 
The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver 1 Oz.
Martin/ F. Weber Weber 15.9-Ounce Odorless Turpenoid
Denatured Alcohol, Gallon

Studio lighting (visual list, Pinterest) 
Daylight Corrected Fluorescent Bulbs – Philips 209056 F32T8/TL950 Straight T8
T8 Fluorescent Ceiling Fixture – 4-Foot 4-Light T8 Fluorescent Ceiling Fixture, White
Wall Mounted Boom with Variable Extends from 30.75-Inches to 48-Inches (Black)
Studio Daylight Corrected Cool Spot Light

Helpful Tools (visual list, Pinterest) 
Curved Burnisher Bezel Setting Stone Set Tool 2 1/2″
ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, Multi-Use, .94-Inch by 60-Yard
Stainless Steel Painting Knife Style 29T (2-1/8″ Blade)

Travel Supplies (visual list, Pinterest) 
Flex Travel Tripod Easel – Guerrilla Painter Guerrilla No.17 l
Steel Italian Field Easel- Black